Julianna (colormepiebald) wrote in sochoice,

Fo Sho

name: Julianna
alias: Blubliblanna
age: 1 6
where are you? I'm here! Silly...

(can't find a picture hosting website that works) You know what I (shudder) look like.

paper or plastic? paper, plastic is for suffocating myself, but paper is to CUT YO!

polka dots or stripes? neither are flattering to "full figured women"...but dots.

canteloupe or antelope? Canteloupe, I don't feel guilty eating them

favorite bottled water: I use tap, thank you very much. Albany water is choice.

macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, or string cheese? Honestly, I have never been able to gasp the TRUE power of cheese, but string cheese is the only one that won't kill me in 20 years (or will it?)

what is the most interesting thing that has happened to you in the past 24 hours? Paula and I were in the bathroom and decided to be super secret angents and kung-fu kicked the bathroom stalls open, with sound effects of course....

favorite historical figure and why: George Hamilton, so righteous, or maybe it is the fact that I feel sorry that he was shot in a duel...

two expressions that people use that you hate: "faggot" "flipped a sh_t"

three favorite bands/musicians: Weezer, Goldfinger, Piebald

four favorite books: The Bell Jar, Fellowship of the Ring, Anthem, Macbeth

five favorite films: American Splendor, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Kiss Me, Kate, Fellowship of the Ring, A Mighty Wind

what are your opinions on the following countries?

-Canada: I hope to make it my future home

-Scotland: What can I say? The best accents in the world, by far. Those green vallies don't sound too shabby either

-Romania: I suppose that they breed fencing champions, but other than that...

what celebrity do you most want to kill? (we hope you dont really want to kill them, that would be so unchoice) and why? Ashton Kutcher, simply because he has the least amount of acting talent of any actor in history. He plays the same character in every film, and it is always an annoying film!

best line from a film: "But I'm not even supposed to BE here today!" - Clerks

which state should be kicked out of the union? (**if you do not live in the states, just humor us) Texas, they are a waste of sensible electoral votes, plus, look what THAT state has bred (shudder).

favorite fictional character: Bilbo Baggins

what is your opinion on the Chicken Soup for the Soul books? (just making sure) They are the worst things ever to be published! Dear LORD are they terrible! More like hot pokers burning holes in my soul....

if all of the cereal mascots got in a fight, who would win and why? The Lucky Charms Leprechaun, he has a lot of pep, and that Irish fighter in there somewhere!

what is your favorite time of the day and why? (exact minute please) 7:02, Arthur comes on PBS. Yes, Arthur is choice....

what do you hate most about life in general? Beautiful people get everything.

do you like the band Mornings in the Gym? either way, why? Psh, they are so not choice

what is the most choice thing you have ever done? I kicked Paula's ass causing her to fall into her locker...pretty choice.

and finally, do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain? At the same time? HELL NO!

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