Nora (shimmerfairy86) wrote in sochoice,


name: Nora
alias: Nor
age: 17
where are you? D-town Michigan
picture (we're not shallow, but the readers like to know "how people look")

choice picture that you have taken/found/drawn/etc.   

It is so choice

paper or plastic and why: paper, its more durable
polka dots or stripes and why:  stripes cause the contrast when u mix colors is sweet
canteloupe or antelope and why: cantloupe cuz its delicious
favorite bottled water and why: any of them are fine, waters water
macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, or string cheese? why? grilled cheese , more filling and oh so good
what is the most interesting thing that has happened to you in the past 24 hours? went to Target....boring day.

favorite historical figure and why: MLK cause he paved the way for blacks and our prejidice country
two expressions that people use that you hate: "i seen..." "as if"
three favorite bands/musicians: Dashboard Confessional, Rooney, Incubus
four favorite books: "Farenheight 451" "Spanish Disco" "Slow Waltz In Ceader Bend" "A Separate Peace"
five favorite films: "Save the Last Dance" "A Walk to Remember" "10 things I hate about you" "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" "Cruel Intentions"

what are your opinions on the following countries?
-Canada cool and free, fun to drive to for the day
-Scotland gorgeous landscaping
-Romania mysterious and cold
-Australia hot guys, awesome accents, kangeroos
-Japan awesome cuz of sushi and all the technology

what celebrity do you most want to kill? (we hope you dont really want to kill them, that would be so unchoice) and why? Hilary Duff bc shes a fake annoying poser

best line from a film: "lets put mothballs in my truck to make it run faster" (funniest)

which state should be kicked out of the union? (**if you do not live in the states, just humor us) North Dakota cuz really whats it doing for us? It has the pop of like 42 and theres nothing there. Its right on the top of the map so its easily able to be gone.

favorite fictional character: Michael Tillman ( "A Slow Waltz Through Ceader Bend")

what is your opinion on the Chicken Soup for the Soul books? (just making sure) Some of those stories are good to read but it doesnt really help that much just reading a story. Its good that people who have stories to tell can get them out there though.

if all of the cereal mascots got in a fight, who would win and why? tony the tiger cuz hes grrrrrrrrreat

what is your favorite time of the day and why? (exact minute please) 1:41 am

what do you hate most about life in general? stupid fake ignorant people

do you like the band Mornings in the Gym? either way, why? what??

what is the most choice thing you have ever done? gotten a few poems published

and finally, do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain? mmm yeah

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