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name: Kelly
alias: Жанна-Зоя
age: 17
where are you? Townsend, MA
picture (we're not shallow, but the readers like to know "how people look")

choice picture that you have taken/found/drawn/etc. - Willie > all of your cats combined:

It is so choice

paper or plastic and why: Paper…my cat would try to eat plastic
polka dots or stripes and why: Stripes. Do I need a reason?
canteloupe or antelope and why: Antelope, much easier to play with
favorite bottled water and why: As long as it’s from an Icelandic spring, it’s all good.
macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, or string cheese? why? Mac. I’ve had one too many grilled cheeses, and Willie (my cat) would also get to the string cheese
what is the most interesting thing that has happened to you in the past 24 hours? I won Red Sox tickets \m/

favorite historical figure and why: Timothy Dexter. Check him out at
two expressions that people use that you hate: Good times / that’s so gHeY
three favorite bands/musicians: Death, Opeth, Dream Theater
four favorite books: On The Road (Kerouac), I Have Lived A Thousand Years (Bitton-Jackson), The Phantom Tollbooth (Norton), Lords of Chaos (Moynihan, Soderlind)
five favorite films: Children of Nature, Schindler's List, A Clockwork Orange

what are your opinions on the following countries?
-Canada - Wacky, rad people. I’ve always wanted to go to Yukon, NWT, or Nunavut
-Scotland - Quaint little place. I love bagpipes (although my sweetie begs to differ)
-Romania - Awesome country. I did a history report on her last year. And yes, Moldovans speak Romanian.
-Australia - I wouldn’t want to stay there too long, in fear of getting skin cancer. It gets my seal of approval, anyways.
-Japan - Iron Chef owns, but there’s just too much of that hideous fecal porn going on. Great food

what celebrity do you most want to kill? (we hope you dont really want to kill them, that would be so unchoice) and why? Zsa Zsa Gabor. I’m disguisted by her sanctimonious attitude, and she is an utter embarrassment all Hungarians.

best line from a film:
“Lo siento, but I won't be leaving a tip! Cuz I could, I could shut this whole resort down! Sir? I could take my travelers checks to a competing resort! I could write a letter to your board of tourism and I could have this place condemned! I could put... I could put strychnine in the guacamole! There was salt on the glass... BIG grains of salt!” (Milton, Office Space)

which state should be kicked out of the union? (**if you do not live in the states, just humor us) - How about all of them?!

favorite fictional character: Krusty the Clown

what is your opinion on the Chicken Soup for the Soul books? (just making sure) - Maybe, if I was on crack.

if all of the cereal mascots got in a fight, who would win and why? - The Captain… you know, he can make it happen.

what is your favorite time of the day and why? (exact minute please) 11:58 PM, in reference to a particular Iron Maiden song.

what do you hate most about life in general? Work…. and mall cores

do you like the band Mornings in the Gym? either way, why? Ich weiß nicht.

what is the most choice thing you have ever done? Hmmmm… I founded a music appreciation group at my school, and when I was 8, I formed an anti-gambling club.

and finally, do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain?
Pina Coladas own. If I don’t mind getting wet (which would account for most of the time, since I’m not ashamed to be a dirty bastard) then I won’t object, but if I was clean, I’d probably just run for shelter.
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