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where are you?same place i was 5 minutes ago
picture (we're not shallow, but the readers like to know "how people look")
choice picture that you have taken/found/drawn/etc. umm well, i dont exactly know HOW to put a picture on here, so your going to have to deal, or perhaps teach me.

It is so choice

paper or plastic? plastic, because i used to parachute off my deck with plastic bags.
polka dots or stripes? stripes
canteloupe or antelope? antelope
favorite bottled water: hmm, i dont exactly know the name of it, but its this new "designer" water thing, and i just think thats hilarious.
macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, or string cheese? why? macaroni cheese. because you can swallow it without chewing
what is the most interesting thing that has happened to you in the past 24 hours? i witnessed kathleen mahoney get her tongue stuck to a giant bell.

favorite historical figure and why: John C Calhoun.. hot man
two expressions that people use that you hate: "i would crap myself" "like woah"
three favorite bands/musicians: i have, quite possibly the WORST, most random taste in music out of anyone i know,and i dont exactly have favorites, but here goes: simon and garfunkle, REM, and the dixie chicks (see, what did i tell you)
four favorite books: most of these are from my childhood.. A Wrinkle in Time, To Kill a Mockingbird, Tom Sawyer, and Homer Price
five favorite films: Shawshank Redemption, Benny and Joon, Clue, The Goonies, and The Omen

what are your opinions on the following countries?
-Canada~ Canadians are super cool, and they dont lock their doors at night
-Scotland~ Never been there, but i like their accents
-Romania~ hmmm, i like their clothes

what celebrity do you most want to kill? (we hope you dont really want to kill them, that would be so unchoice) and why? i dont really know, maybe Jamie Lynn Spears on All That, because shes an idiot

best line from a film: "But why's the rum gone?"

which state should be kicked out of the union? (**if you do not live in the states, just humor us) Texas

favorite fictional character: Gil from the Simpsons

what is your opinion on the Chicken Soup for the Soul books? (just making sure) eh, dont really have an opinion on them, seems to me that their primary purpose is to provide people with passages to read in speech class/

if all of the cereal mascots got in a fight, who would win and why? Tony the Tiger, because he's Grreat

what is your favorite time of the day and why? (exact minute please)9:23, becuase for some reason i always look at the clock when its 9:23, and it freaks me out

what do you hate most about life in general?growing up

do you like the band Mornings in the Gym? either way, why? ill say no, because ive never heard of them. therefore i win.

what is the most choice thing you have ever done? i ate battery acid in 4th grade

and finally, do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain? yes, but im not into yoga so it would never work out
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